Gympie Lunchtime Concert Series 2019

Gympie Lunchtime Concert Series 2019

May 08, 2019 - September 18, 2019
Categories: Classical, World, Concert, Pop

Upcoming Shows

The View From Madeleine's Couch - Wednesday 8 May
The View From Madeleine's Couch is one of the finest Brazilian music ensembles in the country, and heading into their 17th year of making beautiful Brazilian music together. With the unmistakably lush voice of Anje West, (singing in Portuguese), and the gorgeous sounds of band-leader Kym Ambrose's vibraphone in the mix, Madcouch's music has taken them from some of the biggest jazz and world-music festivals in Australia, to concert stages in Brazil, where they performed with one of bossa nova's most legendary rhythm sections; Marcio Bahia (drums) and Mazinho Ventura (bass). With a repertoire that features bossa nova, samba, Brazilan jazz and award-winning original compostitions, the band presents an intimate and joyous evening, showcasing their unique take on the music they love.

Belladiva - Wednesday 19 June
The four stunning individual voices of Belladiva come together to perform intricate arrangements of bestloved classics from opera to pop. This unique combination of classical voice and playful musicianship makes the familiar new again with gorgeous modern interpretations of everything from the Flower Duet to Blackbird. Beautiful, soaring and ethereal one minute, intimate, tender and sweet the next. This quartet delivers with a delightful ease and sincerity, creating a truly enthralling and heart-warming experience.

Estampa - Wednesday 18 September
Evoking visions of Parisian laneways, South American sensuality, and European folk-music, Estampa delivers an energetic, internationally-inspired performance. Combining a unique blend of violin, voice, piano accordion and double bass, expect an eclectic experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a 1930’s Parisian jazz club or the streets of São Paulo. ‘Estampa' is comprised of Rebecca Karlen on violin, vocals and percussion, Paul Henderson on guitar, John Reeves on accordion and Sam McBride on bass and vocals.

Time: 11am - 12pm