Sweet, Sour & Saucy WA Tour

Pull up a cabaret seat and step into the home studio of self appointed “experts on love” Barbara and Barry (aka real life couple Melissa Western and Tnee Dyer). This vintage Aussie duo deliver well-intentioned, yet questionable love advice through their talkback radio show Sweet, Sour and Saucy. B&B love getting up close and personal with their audience and every night is heady mix of silly love aids, match making and of course a wedding to top it all off. It's a hilarious jazz-cabaret featuring adorable songs by Eartha Kitt, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Nat King Cole and more.

Combining virtuosic piano playing, strong and sultry vocals, rich harmonies and inventive accompaniment (ukulele, washboard, spoons, trombone kazoo, tap dancing) Barbara and Barry end up being everyone’s favourite Love Agony Aunt and Uncle. B&B have been a five star hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, toured right throughout Queensland and hosted cabarets across the UK.

One piano, two glorious voices, erotic spoons … what’s not to love?

More Info: countryartswa.asn.au/events/barbara-barry-sweet-sour-saucy