Dazzling Footwork....Compelling Rhythms....Stirring Songs.....Flamenco Fire evokes the exotic roots of the sensual and mesmerising art form that is Flamenco.

Since 1999, Flamenco Fire has been thrilling audiences with a heady mix of traditional and contemporary flamenco music, dance and song. A collaboration of Australia’s finest flamenco artists, Flamenco Fire features singers, dancers and musicians from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in a beautifully crafted show that reveals the flamenco artform in all of its guises. From contemporary festive dances to heart wrenching traditional songs, to fiery guitar ensemble pieces, Flamenco Fire will transport you to España......¡Olé!

Flamenco Fire is produced by Queensland events company - Red Chair - in collaboration with Andrew Veivers.

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Veinte Años


Flamenco Fire, Australia’s only national flamenco company, is joining forces with Camerata – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra, acclaimed flamenco artists direct from Spain (including Olayo Jiménez, Andrej Vujicic and Francesca ‘La Chica’), and Australia’s finest flamenco musicians and dancers (including Andrew Veivers, Simone Pope and Kieren Ray) to celebrate two decades on stage.

Showcasing a retrospective of the past 20 years of Flamenco Fire productions while delving into the rich cultural heritage and diverse historical influences within flamenco, this 20th anniversary and world premiere gala is a celebration of the timeless art of flamenco.

Veinte Años explores the ancient textures of flamenco music, song and dance, woven together through an intricately orchestrated score that will transport you to the heart of España. Olé!

Red Chair is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Viva Sevilla

Flamenco Fire returns with Viva Sevilla – The Golden Age of Flamenco! Directed by composer / guitarist Andrew Veivers and featuring dancer Francesca 'La Chica' Grima, singer Olayo Jimenez and percussionist Andrej Vujicic - direct from Spain - performing alongside Australia’s finest flamenco artists -  dancer Simone Pope, singer Clara Domingo, guitarist Kieren Ray and violinist Shenton GregoryViva Sevilla is a beautifully crafted show that reveals the flamenco art form in all of its guises. From contemporary festive dances to heart wrenching traditional songs, to fiery guitar ensemble pieces, Flamenco Fire will transport you to España......¡Olé!
Viva Sevilla is the third instalment of a historically based flamenco trilogy that explores the cultural, geopolitical, and religious influences that, combined over a period of almost two thousand years, produce the various elements of the art form of flamenco.

The years known as the Golden Age of Flamenco, approx. 1850 - 1920, saw all of the elements that we now distinguish as flamenco come together in Sevilla and flourish. Sevilla had been the unofficial capital of Andalucia, in Southern Spain, for many hundreds of years and by the nineteenth century it had already been a relatively large and extremely cosmopolitan city for centuries. Flamenco, on the other hand, had been a private expression amongst farmers, peasants, miners etc. and those close to them. From the 1850's to the 1920's flamenco was introduced to the wider public for the first time in the environment of The Cafe Cantantes. Performers of flamenco became ‘artists’. Performing in cafe's, tablaos and eventually theatres and concert halls initially throughout Spain and then the rest of the world, these artists continued the flamenco tradition of absorbing the influences they encountered.

As with the other major periods of development in the flamenco story, explored in the previous two Flamenco Fire shows in this trilogy (Al-Andaluz and Gypsy Pathways), this Golden Age didn't blossom unaided. A fertile new ground of changing attitudes to political and religious authority, unprecedented economic, industrial, and population growth as well as challenges to long held social structures, empowered practitioners of an art form, who had been marginalised and persecuted for two millennia, to consolidate centuries of folk lore, influenced from cultures and stories from around the world, into what would quickly, but unexpectedly, become a Spanish national treasure.

Many challenges that exist in Australian society today were present in 19th century Spain. The concepts of nationhood, sovereign territory, the balancing of political and religious powers, cultural tolerance, the influences and difficulties in balancing the growth and decline of industries, the impact of migration on farming, mining and urban communities. Using the aesthetic of traditional flamenco combined with contemporary dance choreography, original composition and supporting visual and staging design, Viva Sevilla examines these cultural challenges within the Spanish historical cultural context and connects them to the contemporary Australian experience.

Gypsy Pathways

Celebrating the epic nature of the great gypsy migration, Gypsy Pathways delves into the rich and diverse cultures that the Romani people brought with them, with their kathak traditions from India, and encountered and integrated with their own, during their travels through Persia (now Iran) and North Africa. Many of these influences were ultimately to come together when they arrived in Spain, arguably adding the most crucial ingredients to what was to become flamenco.

Featuring the stunning talents of special international guests alongside some of Australia's finest flamenco artists, Flamenco Fire's Gypsy Pathways distils from eight centuries of tradition a compelling, passionate, and vibrant show that captures all of the excitement and drama of this part of the great Romani story.

'Each moment in this performance was a spectacle, each song a triumph and all of the dances were superb and electrifying. It is not in my habit to completely praise every aspect and element of something that I view and it surprises me with the degree to which this show was outside my comfort zone to be giving it a well deserved and highly enthusiastic five stars and faultless review.' (Brent Downes, Theatre People, Monday 6 February 2012)

'The artistic excellence brought to patrons through this show is proof that our global relationships are to be celebrated and admired. Gypsy Pathways is highly recommended.' 4.5 out of 5 stars (Sally Peters, ArtsHub, Wednesday 8 February 2012)

'This truly was an intimate display of artistry. As one, the audience erupted in cheers and “Ole!”, and a standing ovation.' 4 out of 5 stars (Phil Reece, DanceHub, Friday 3 February 2012)

The creative vision of Sunshine Coast based Director/Composer and renowned Flamenco guitarist - Andrew Veivers – Gypsy Pathways has been commissioned by Queensland producer Red Chair with the support of Arts QueenslandBrisbane City Council and QPAC. Veivers’ compositional skills have been in high demand with recent commissioned compositional credits including 'Al-Andaluz' (Flamenco Fire 2010), a new translation of Garcia Lorca's 'Blood Wedding' (Sydney Theatre Company 2011), and a major orchestral work for this year’s Woodford Folk Festival.


Drawing from the rich influences of over five centuries of Music, Dance and Culture, Al-Andaluz is many stories told together, always glancing backwards in time, with a gentle sense of movement through the centuries.

Tracing the evolution of flamenco from the last Moorish King (1492) to its ‘golden age’ in Seville (19th century), Flamenco Fire's newest production, Al-Andaluz celebrates the evocative mix of the sacred and secular music and culture of the Moors(the generic name given to the people of Islamic North Africa), the Sephardic Jews, the Gypsies and the Northern Europeans.

Told through compelling live music, passionate song, and dazzling, vibrant movement, Al - Andaluz, captures the exotic clash of cultures that, over the centuries, provided the foundation of the great art of flamenco.

For many centuries these distinctly different peoples enjoyed a harmonious co-existence throughout the Iberian Peninsular, an area known then as Al-Andaluz and later as Spain. But with the surrender of the last Moorish king to the Catholic monarchs, and his departure from the Alhambra Palace in Granada in 1492, this harmonious co-existence gradually gave way to a strict and intolerant Catholic rule, culminating in the infamous Inquisition. This culture of fear drove the practice of ‘outlawed’ worship and cultural expression underground where it continued to thrive as a relevant and vital part of everyday life.

In the case of Andalucia – the southern most Provence of Spain (a stone’s throw from Northern Africa and the home of many ancient seaports) – these elements came together over time until by the middle of the 19th century, flamenco, as we know it today, had fully come into existence.

Al-Andaluz takes three cultural elements that find strong expression within the flamenco story – Architecture, Storytelling and Dress. Flamenco Fire uses these as the inspiration to develop new music and choreography, as well as the rearrangement and re-orchestration of traditional melodies and songs. The resulting narrative is driven by the representation, through music, song, and movement, of important transitional points throughout 400 year evolution.

Sol de Otoño

Sol de Otoño is an echo of the Autumn fiestas in Spain. A time of the wine harvest. A celebration of Passion, Light, Culture, and Tradition.

In 2008 Flamenco Fire Sol de Otoño (Autumn Sun) was showcased over 2 nights at QPAC’s Playhouse before embarking on an 11 week Australian tour, supported by Playing Australia, Arts Queensland and the Queensland Arts Council. With 39 performances across 34 venues, Sol de Otoño made history as the most extensive flamenco tour (domestic or international) ever undertaken within Australia. The production also presented internationally for the first time with a 10-day tour of New Caledonia.

Primavera Mia

The ritual of the celebration of the new spring. A celebration of birth and life. A time for song and dance. Centred around beautifully crafted dance ensembles, and a fully choreographed lighting and stage display, Primavera Mia will transport audiences to the spring fiestas of Spain.

Launched at QPAC in 2009, Primavera Mia received rave reviews.

Primavera Mia toured extensively throughout Queensland in 2011 with a stellar collection of Australia's finest Flamenco artists including dancers Simone Pope and Natalie Slect and guitarist Damian Wright, the performances featured special guests direct from Spain - singer Olayo Jimenez and dancer – Sebastian Sanchez.

Performance History


Veinte Años - Concert Hall QPAC


Viva Sevilla Touring - Brisbane, Caloundra, Gympie, Redcliffe, Cleveland, Toowoomba, Millmerran, Charleville, Quilpie, Dalby, Bundaberg, Sarina, Proserpine, Barcaldine, Longreach, Cloncurry, Hughenden, Rockhampton, Magnetic Island, Normanton, Burketown, Cairns
Viva Sevilla - Port Fairy Folk Festival
Viva Sevilla - Bleach* Festival
Viva Sevilla - Cremorne Theatre QPAC - 10 performance season
Viva Sevilla - Music By the Sea
Viva Sevilla - Woodford Folk Festival - 4 performance season


Laneways 'STAMP' - Post Office Square (Brisbane)


Al Andaluz - Illawarra Performing Arts Centre - 3 night season
Gypsy Pathways Touring - St. George, Quilpie, Roma, Wandoan, Caloundra, Rockhampton, Proserpine, Atherton, Moranbah, Capella, Barcaldine, Springsure, Biloela, Maryborough, Oakey, Millmerran, Chinchilla, Warwick, Beaudesert


Gypsy Pathways - Woodford Folk Festival
Primavera Mia - National Folk Festival
Gypsy Pathways - Playhouse, QPAC - 3 night season


Primavera Mia Touring - Burketown, Mt Isa, Croydon, Innisfail, Ayr, Proserpine, Springsure, Yeppoon, Bundaberg, Redcliffe, Dalby, Quilpie, Roma, Kingaroy & Toowoomba, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Nambour Civic Centre


Al-Andaluz – Woodford Folk Festival – 3 performance season
Primavera Mia – Redland Performing Arts Centre
Al-Andaluz – Playhouse, QPAC – 4 performance season


Primavera Mia – Playhouse, QPAC – 3 night season
Sol de Otono - New Caledonian Tour


11-week Australian Tour
Playhouse, QPAC - 2 night season


Ontour Onstage (QAC) 4 week Queensland tour
Townsville Civic Centre


Noosa Long Weekend
Darwin Entertainment Centre
Boonah Cultural Centre
Capella Cultural Centre
Mackay Entertainment Centre
Burdekin Theatre (Ayr)
The World Theatre (Charters Towers)
Cairns Civic Centre
Moncrieff Theatre (Bundaberg)
Gladstone Entertainment Centre

2005 & 2006

The Judith Wright Centre - 4 night season (Brisbane)


Woodford Folk Festival - 3 night season
Byron Bay Cultural Centre

2004 & 2005

Bicentennial Hall (Noosa)

2000 - 2004

The Brisbane Powerhouse - 4night season (Brisbane)


The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)


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CDs & Merchandise

Sol de Otoño - CD

Sol de Otoño features predominantly original content by Australian composers written within the flamenco form. The music is fully orchestrated for voice (solo and chorus), guitar trio, double bass and percussion (cajon and palmas). Professionally recorded at Keytone Studios (Brisbane), mixed by Jason Millhouse and mastered by Daniel Fournier the recording is of an international standard.

Live at The Judy 2005 - CD

The Flamenco Fire CD has not been out of my CD player since receiving it. It captures the very soul of flamenco music and then some. Rousing rhythms and sparkling guitar reign supreme. The traditionalists may frown at the use of double bass and violin with flamenco, but for me it works perfectly and adds greatly to the atmosphere of the album. Great singing, lively footwork, the whole album is a treat. Pour yourself a good glass of red, settle back, put the CD on and you’re in Seville. Saves the airfare!' (David Dowsett, Mornings Presenter - ABC Wide Bay)

Flamenco Fire CDs & Merchandise available now from the Red Chair eshop