Flamenco Intensive Workshops with Andrew Veivers

Flamenco Intensive Workshops with Andrew Veivers

September 20, 2020 - September 23, 2020

The birthplace of the Flamenco art form is the southern Spanish province of Andalucia. This beautiful, rich and exotic sounding music has a long and intriguing history that stretches back many centuries and is a culmination of influences from around the world. This series of workshops will be looking at the engine room of flamenco guitar technique. Welcome to: The Mysterious Right Hand (left handers, you know what to do) Pulgar, Picado, Arpegio, Rasgueado and Alzapúa - What are they? How do you pronounce them? Are they easy to learn? Must I only apply them to flamenco music? Is Arpegio a typo? I could have sworn it was spelt with two ‘g’s!?! Whether you approach this workshop series with altruistic flamenco ideals or you just want to add that ‘flamenco touch’ to your current repertoire… perhaps that Bee Gees solo arrangement needs a little lift or your version of Billie Eilish’s When The Party’s Over is singing out for a rumba back beat… these five right hand techniques are fundamental in creating the flamenco sound.

About Andrew Veivers
Over the past twenty years Andrew has established himself as a musician, teacher, director and composer of the highest calibre - touring, recording, composing, and arranging extensively for solo projects, his groups Flamenco Fire and The Saruzu Quartet as well as for great Australian artistic institutions such as The Sydney Theatre Company, Opera Queensland and the Woodford Folk Festival.

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