Pasión y Arte

Pasión y Arte

December 08, 2018
Categories: Concert, Flamenco, Dancing

Don’t miss the power and passion of flamenco up close and personal in this exciting new show as Arte Flamenco present their latest production called “Pasión y Arte”.

Be captivated by the raw emotion in this traditional flamenco show as they take you on an incredible journey to the south of Spain. Director of the show and popular professional flamenco dancer, Yioda (La Mari), says that she is really looking forward to inspiring the Lind Lane audience with all the many unforgettable faces of flamenco and demonstrating why Flamenco is a UNESCO world heritage listed art form.

This show features the talents of flamenco guitarist Antonio Miguel and world percussionist Jalberto Maldonado, alongside special guest artists Katia Ruiz and Rafael Sekzenian. Bailaora Yioda Maria (La Mari) will lead the Arte Flamenco group dancers in an electrifying performance full of musical energy and gypsy flair. A strong and passionate ensemble, audiences will experience the deep heartfelt nature of pure flamenco.

Flamenco promotes a sense of community and is also a wonderfully interactive art form in which the audience members are actually encouraged to participate in the performance by Jaleos (shouts of encouragement such as Ole!) and Palmas (hand clapping). This show, Pasion y Arte, is a unique chance to immerse yourself in this rich and culturally diverse experience right here in the Sunshine Coast.

With their deep passion for this exuberant art form, the Arte Flamenco ensemble will take you on a journey of passionate emotions not soon forgotten, filling the intimate theatre space with inspiring music, enticing rhythms and intoxicating energy.

Show times: 2pm & 7pm (2hr duration)
Tickets: $30 with concession available