stringmansassy - The Live Experience 2000-2008 (Double CD)

stringmansassy - The Live Experience 2000-2008 (Double CD)
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These CDs are a stringmansassy evolution, a handful of songs from but a few of our many nights on tour.  It is a collection from shows in Germany and Australia spanning 2000 to 2008.  There are missed notes and forgotten words, the clink of glasses and a blowing nose.  There are good recordings and some that are a little rough but above all, hopefully there is a little magic.

It is often difficult to capture the atmosphere of a live performance; the faces and expressions, the laughter and emotions, the energy within the space and the connections between people.  We hope this effort comes somewhere close.










Released: 2008
Duration: 147:05min (Disc One - 73:02min Disc 2 - 74:03min)


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