SARS - Segundo

SARS - Segundo CD
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"SARS slinks onto your stereo, impeccably clad and very well heeled, demanding your head twist twice to take in its smooth delivery. It positions itself halfway between Argentinean tango and Gyspy Jazz, with a slow nod to springtime in Paris. This is the second self-produced CD from SARS and they have taken their craft to a new level. Their form combines delectable notes on the double bass (what a sexy looking instrument, what a sublime sound), with vigorous violin playing, persuasive percussion and guitar genius. Expect blistering string solos and perfectly compatible collaborative playing. Special guest vocalist Kacey Patrick (stringmansassy) lends her angelic tones to a mesmerising remake of the Duke Ellington tune 'Caravan' and the hypnotic 'Historia de un Amor'. Inspired and exciting." Tsunami Mag










Released: 2005
Duration: 49:30min