Afro Dizzi Act - Peace, Love & Unity

Afro Dizzi Act - Peace, Love & Unity CD
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Afro Dizzi Act's latest Album Release 'Peace, Love & Unity' is a concept & message that is the strength behind their lives & music. It's through the bands travels to exotic & beautiful places like Nepal & North East India (Roots Tour for Peace) in the thick of corruption, war & turmoil that has seen the group understand the power of the universal language music & how this 'Peace, Love & Unity' shines through to be the light & answer to restore joy & happiness in peoples lives. Especially the people in the 3rd world countries who are less fortunate than us. Which is what being & performing in Afro Dizzi Act is all about. This message is also the strength & hope Jali Buba Kuyateh feels for his home Africa.

*Bonus Album Included - Peace, Love & Unity Remixed










Released: 2009
Duration: 56:31min


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