Andrew Veivers - The Rhythm Method (Book & DVD)

Andrew Veivers - The Rhythm Method (Book & DVD)
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The Rhythm Method (132 pages + 60min DVD) is an introduction to the world of flamenco guitar - past and present, investigating its exciting and dramatic history, rhythms and techniques - dispelling some myths, and with the help of a 60minutes DVD, exposing a few 'smoke 'n mirror' tricks along the way.

The Flamenco art form is from the southern Spanish province of Andalucia.  This beautiful, rich, exotic sounding music has a long and intriguing history that streches back many centuries, and is a culmination of many influences from around the world.

Written and presented by Spanish guitarist - Andrew Veivers - The Rhythm Method includes (132pages + 60min DVD):

Introduction - to the history and development of flamenco music and guitar

Flamenco Guitar in a Nutshell - a Fast Track Approach if your Nursery Rhymes were not sung to you in Bulerias compas

Flamenco Chords

Technique - The Mysterious Right Hand

Solo Guitar - The Rhythm Method

Accompaniment of Dance & Song

Glossary - Flamenco & General Music

Released: 2010