Olayo Jimenez - Reloj de Arena

Olayo Jimenez - Reloj de Arena CD
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Olayo Jimenez's debut solo CD released internationally to coincide with Olayo's participation in Flamenco Fire's Sol de Otono tour.

Olayo Jimenez was born in Northern Spain into a Gypsy family of flamenco singers, dancers and basket (canasteros) makers. His Grandmother - "La Milia" - was a flamenco singer and friend of the great Carmen Amaya, with whom she shared the stage when together they made their debut in Barcelona.

Complimenting an upbringing surrounded by flamenco, Olayo immersed himself in the serious study of the flamenco art form. Focusing on Madrid and Seville, two great centres of flamenco, Olayo studied intensively at "Amor de Dios" (Madrid) and Foundation Cristina Heeren (Seville) with highly respected singers such as Naranjito de Triana and Jose de la Tomasa.

For many years Olayo's highly personal vocal style and deep understanding of flamenco have combined to ensure that his talents are constantly in demand. Of his many appearances throughout Europe some of his highlights include: The Royal Albert Hall (London), The Conservatorium of Music (Rotterdam, Holland), performances on Dutch television, film score and acting appearances ("El Punto Sobre la I"), and many other performances in prestigious concert halls in Holland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Olayo is currently based in Barcelona and has joined the cast of Flamenco Fire especially for the 2008 season of Sol de Otono.










Released: 2008
Duration: 57:33min