James Paul - Canta La Luna

James Paul - Canta La Luna CD
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"Canta La Luna" (The Moon Sings) is the debut CD from Flamenco Fire singer and instrumentalist James Paul. Capturing the moods and passions of Flamenco music through this collection of original and traditional pieces, James Paul sings flamenco "cante", plays flamenco piano and is accompanied by some very talented musicians. From the opening number we are taken on a journey in time and geography through Andalucia. From the ancient to the modern, from classical Spanish to traditional flamenco to the sounds of today. The opening number, "Ire a Santiago" is an original piece based on the festive flamenco dance called the Guajira. It features the yearning sounds of violinist Veren Grigorov, with words by Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. "Mi Siguirya" is a hypnotic piano composition based on the "deep song" form of flamenco. Traditional songs, such as Alegrias and Bulerias, are accompanied by Damian Wright on guitar and the virtuosic dance of Elena Varga who also provides palmas throughout the CD. There are also poignant Spanish classical compositions for piano and voice from Manuel de Falla and Caracol. This is a diverse CD, capturing the spectrum of emotion that is found in flamenco music.










Released: 2008
Duration: 29:19min


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