Miguel - The Opener

Miguel - The Opener CD
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Sure, you could call it cerebral jazz - if you’re using the part of your brain reserved for paperback pulp fiction fantasy where Shirley Temple serves cocktails to Tito Puente in a maraschino-cherry poppin’ jazz joint by a hot lazy ocean.

And if you’re thinking a blindingly bright Miami Beach circa 1950’s, where swingin’ bikinis cha cha cha with swizzle stick-em up good time dance tunes, then you’re driving down the right highway. So much the better if you happen to pick up a kerbside kicking Elmore Leonard.

If you pull over in your T-bird for a martini in an ultra outré lounge, where a five piece brass cartel backed up by a damn hot rhythm section are playing sparkling, sleazy dirty blue-light jazz to small tables of single strangers, well, you’re in our neighbourhood and we’d ask that you send us a picture postcard.

That last sign was a billboard for 50’s influenced big band swing jazz with a nod to funk and soul and a love affair with Latin, right? With smooth crooning vocals and a late night penchant for parties? At the dance hall on the number 5 exit? Flip the indicator now – this is your lucky day…

Fronted by charismatic trumpet player and vocalist Michael Rogers, Miguel features a stellar line-up of pedigreed musicians - Tom Raymond (clarinet), Mikael Strand (trombone), Tim Franklin (tenor sax), Josh Hatcher (bar. sax) Dave Spicer (keys), Sacha Kloostra (drums) and the delightful Georgia Weber on bass.

Miguel have earned a reputation as party starters, with their swingin’, smokin’, booty shakin’, soul quakin’ mix of big band sensibility, wall-o-sound brass arrangements and relentless rhythm section igniting the dance floor.










Released: 2010
Duration: 50:49min