Nadia Sunde - Stoking The Fire

Nadia Sunde - Stoking The Fire CD
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“These songs were born in a cool season...a flickering flame in the hearth and a brazen muse who had no interest in sleep…"

Produced by Michael Fix, recorded by Dave Neil and featuring some of Australia's finest musical talent, Stoking the Fire is an outstanding new work from singer/songwriter & cabaret artist Nadia Sunde.

With a voice described as 'melting chocolate' and 'so warm and resonant you could fall into it', Sunde teams her skills with producer and co-writer Michael Fix to stunning effect. Stoking The Fire is a highly engaging album that effortlessly swings its mood from french burlesque to latin flavoured jazz, folk-inspired ballad to Motown soul. This album is sure to capture the heart of its audience time and time again.










Released: 2014
Duration: 34:47min