Ange Takats - Aniseed Tea

Ange Takats - Aniseed Tea CD
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Blend the sounds of American folk music from the early seventies with the ramblings of a gypsy girl from Oz, add spoonfuls of Brisbane’s finest musicians and the result is Aniseed Tea.
This debut album from Queensland-based songstress Ange Takats harks back to a time when lyrics mattered, melodies were intricate and songs gave listeners something to sip on.
Winner of the 2008 Lis Johnston Award for vocal excellence at the National Folk Festival, Ange’s voice has been described as Gillian Welch meets Joan Baez. She penned the album at her seaside apartment on the Sunshine Coast during a 12 month period.
Brisbane’s Adrian Mauro recorded, arranged and produced the album, with some of the country’s top musicians adding their talents to the brew. The tracks were then sent to the UK where they were mixed by Australian engineer Ben Tolliday at Frou Frou Central in London (recent projects include Alanis Morissette and Jackie Marshall).

The album features Adrian Mauro (The Black Alles Band), Ben Tolliday (Trinkets), Greg Cathcart (The Black Alles Band/Speedstar), Richard Johnston (The Black Alles Band/Speedstar), Robbie Long (The Lawnmowers/Kate Fagan/ Liz Frencham), Andrew Maddick (English Symphony Orchestra) & Beck Flatt (Loren).










Released: 2009
Duration: 38:19min


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