Asleep at the Reel

Asleep at the Reel evoke the sound of the lively Irish pub, of flying fiddles and rich voices in harmony around an open fire. Their songs are stories – some of them hundreds of years old – wrapped up in music. Their rollicking jigs and reels will keep your feet tapping.  The Irish call it the craic. It’s a word that means music and fun and, typically, quite a lot of the demon drink all bound up together. This band of fine musicians taps into a tradition that dates back centuries and runs through Christy Moore, The Pogues, and Van Morrison among many others. Yet Asleep at the Reel are not Irish – nor do they pretend to be. They are Australian yet, like so many Australians, Celtic music is in their DNA. Asleep at the Reel are; Mark Cryle - guitar & vocals, Rose Broe - accordion & vocals, Mick Nolan - bass & vocals, Hugh Curtis - fiddle & mandolin, Suzanne Hibbs - drums & percussion.

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